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   December 2016   

12/27/16: We were blown away when we received a very generous donation from a family all the way on the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean, longtime listeners Simon, Kelly, Kate and Oli. It is hard sometimes to keep it going when we only receive three emails a year from listeners and ten or so music requests through our website. You have renewed our belief that what we do here is actually valued by others. Thank you so very much!


Tune in for the new year. We start playing Auld Lang Syne at the top of every hour starting with GMT (Dublin) all the way to GMT-10 (Hawaii) so no matter where you are along that time line you can ring in the new year with us.


Total donations to date, $110

12/24/16: What a year. Problems with the county building department, expensive equipment failures, and cancer hitting our home (DJ Ladyhawk’s Mother) just a few of the challenges for us in 2016. Hopefully 2017 will be better. Christmas Music started at noon today and runs through midnight on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Yes even to those that do not like us. =)


Total donations to date, $10

   November 2016   

11/30/16: We received a donation from a new listener, Thanks Eddie.


Total donations to date, $10

   October 2016   

10/31/16: Backup computer crashed and will have to be rebuilt again.


Total donations to date, $5

   September 2016   

09/30/16: Some new music received and added to the rotation.


Total donations to date, $5

   August 2016   

08/31/16: Nothing new really, just trying to keep things going here.


Total donations to date, $5

   July 2016   

07/31/16: We had the station removed from the Tunein website after receiving a takedown order from some big music company. We looked into ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, GMR, Soundexchange, Etc. and determined we cannot afford the couple thousand dollars a year it would cost for our very small, 20,000 Total Annual Listening Hours, station even with the permission we have from large number of artists to play their music on our station. This would bring the total annual costs of running the station to around $4,000 a year! The costs are due to minimums. Without the minimums, that add up to around $2,000, the fees for the songs we play would be around $100 a year. Why is this you ask, because they do not want small non-commercial stations like ours in operation. We would gladly pay the actual per performance fees if they would offer such plans. If these unfair practices continue we will have no choice but to turn it all off and shut down the station. =(

07/20/16: I can’t believe that we got notice from (some big company) that they want us to stop playing songs from “their” Artists. Wow, we have an average of 2 to 3 listeners, we lose a couple thousand dollars a year doing this, we post links to Amazon for every song we play (free advertising) so our listeners can purchase something they like, and they are coming after us! I hope they want us to share our profits with them, which is a minus $2,000 a year, we would gladly split it with them.

   June 2016   

06/01/16: First day of hurricane season, you can hear tropical updates on Jack & Jill Radio at 5 & 11 am and 5 & 11 pm along with some really great music! Made some minor changes to the website today, added links so you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Also finally found the reason for the one annoying picture that would move around all by itself and fixed it.


Total donations to date, $5

   May 2016   

05/23/16: Our long time stream provider (colostreaming.com) terminated the two streams we had with them and went out of business without notifying us. So anyone that listened to us on our 24bit AAC+ stream please go to our listen live page and get our new stream addresses. We have a 128bit MP3 and a 32bit AAC+ stream, both with Primcast.


Total donations to date, $5

   April 2016   

04/13/16: Still going to PT. Just when it gets a little easier they find something new to torture you with. Then they give you homework so you can torture yourself all week long in your spare time at home. Such thoughtful people. =)

So while DJ Rambler has been recovering we have added 1,700 tracks to the music library. We are up to 14,848 tracks by 2,534 different artists! Going through Artists alphabetically we are in the “J”s right now. Maybe when we get enough holes filled we will have some themed weekends like the 60s or some other decade, we’ll see how it goes.


Total donations to date (that is from the beginning of time to today just in case you were wondering) $5

04/01/16: Happy April Fool’s day to all. Can’t believe I retired a year ago today. Does anyone know how to slow the damn clock down a little!? Time flies faster and faster as you get older and it SUCKS!

   March 2016   

03/10/16: Finding a newer definition of pain. Wow this sucks. Tried to operate the mouse with the brace on, yah right, that s*#t doesn’t work! Going to PT (Physical Torture) 3X a week. The crew there is great but the road back to normal is paved with a thick layer of PAIN! I know my arm is supposed to be able to go there but damn that hurts!


Donations to date still just $5

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   February 2016   

02/04/16: I (DJ Rambler) am scheduled for shoulder surgery tomorrow for a torn rotator cuff. Looks like I will have some extra time on my hands to work on our music library, after I get out of the brace in a month that is. Wish me luck.

   January 2016   

01/01/16: Another year has started and we hope everyone has a wonderful time throughout 2016!


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