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Note: All information on these pages and others on this web site are for
entertainment purposes only and do not reflect reality.




   November 2004   

11/28/04- Tune in tonight for a Special Edition of the Sunday Evening Funnies. Got a few requests to do more of this show. So today I a setting up this edition. Should be fun. Call in- I'll have a few t-shirts to give away.

11/27/04- Big thanks to DJ Joe for spending time and re-tweaking our audio. Since the storm it has not been right. Based on reports now, we are up to speed now. The new streaming web cam is a hit. Check it out during tonight’s show. Randy Goat Gold will run tonight at midnight. Mr. Pres says records from the 80's.

11/24/04- Randy Goat Radio returns to Jack and Jill Radio tonight from the new studio "P". Goatboy and Mr. Pres will run from 8 PM to 11 PM. Tune in for this great comedy duo. Remember, this is an adult themed show. Saturday Night Live this week also with Radio Jack and a host TBA.

11/16/04- [SOAPBOX MODE ON] I just want to go on the record and say insurance companies SUCK and you can say that on the radio or a web page. [SOAPBOX MODE OFF] Almost time for a new loop of shows. I'll give this loop a few more days. It is actually a good one. Monster Zero Show was good. They have 4 or 5 new tunes on the harder side. IT was good to see them again. More station improvements are on the way. Keep a watch here for details.

11/11/04- Well plans have changed. I am not going to the Jerrods Door CD release tonight. I  will be at the Monster Zero Show tomorrow. Just too much going on. The holidays are just around the corner too.  Dead Fred #4 and another Music Review are in the works. Acoustic Music tonight. Starting at 6 PM with Back to Back editions of The Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour. The Acoustic Review with Radio Jack, then Sidetracks with Ed MacDonald.

11/09/04- New loop starts tonight after the Country Music Review Show. What a great show that was. I had forgotten how good that was. New loop is: 66 hours 37 minuets, 13 seconds. It is RJS, DJ Joe, DJ Capt. Morgan, FNL/SNL and more- the most recent editions of most of those shows. Little Man Jack got a cast today, will be on for the next three weeks. Hair line fracture of his elbow. He runs through the studios at full speed all the time- this time it got him. Take a listen to the new loop. It is a good one.

11/08/04- Music Review Marathon is running for the next few days, except for a live show tonight between 8 PM and 11 PM RJS- Theme: Radio Jack's Favorite Indie Music. All Indie Artists from my vast collection. I have some T-shirts to give away tonight too. Call in and try and win. Remember Brad Conner? Here is his new web site: Brad Conner and Long Shot  Go check it out. It has the has an MP3 of their current single. Not bad at all. We are going to see Jerrods Door on Thursday night and Monster Zero on Friday night, both at The Culture Room. Come out and see us and get a station T-shirt while they last. Now of course females who flash appropriate body parts will get them first...this should not be a surprise.

11/04/04- Remember our show "The Round Table"? It has 2 episodes and is out attempt at a 'pissed off' talk show. One of the items I brought to the table was 'The Bill of No Rights' (On the words of wisdom page). The author is Lewis W. Napper a former senator of Mississippi. I was doing some surfing and ran across some more of his writings. I provide you this link today- as we are 'Radio for the Mind that Thinks'. Go to this link http://pissedoff.com/archive/byauthor.shtml , and scroll down to Lewis W. Napper. Read his stuff. They are short, oh so funny and ring clear with a strange truth we wish we could say, if we all weren't so intent on being politically correct. In fact I might just start a campaign for 2008- 'Lewis Napper for President".
Programming update: Starting tonight Marathon Show. All the episodes of the Following Shows- Back to Back: Dead Fred, The Round Table, Acoustic Review, The 24 Hour Show,  and  The Music Review That’s 116 hours, 3 minutes, 12 seconds of Original Radio. This will run all weekend and into next week. There is some classic material in these shows- Tune in and enjoy some of our best work.

11/03/04- The block party has come and gone. Weather was a factor we did not think would come into play, but it did. Given the rain, the party seemed to go well. Staff has already made suggestions for next year to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. Thanks to the bands: Catalonia ,Friction Farm, The Tunes and The Tone, Kittyjul. Special Thanks:  Dave up the street and Glades Edge House Concerts for the PA and Cotton Candy; Studio B- DJ Captain Morgan and DJ Magical Wendi for the Snow Cone machine and food for the bands, as well as running the sound on the street. BTW we found the two missing traffic cones.

11/02/04- Vote today. Don't care who or what you vote for, but please go vote. It is so important for you voice to heard, this is how you are heard by voting.

   October 2004   

10/31/04- Today is the day-- HERE WE GO!!!!

10/30/04- The stage is set, really it is. The stage arrived today and it setup. We are ready for the show! We will begin setting up the sound and lights @ 12 noon tomorrow. Show starts at 4 PM when we block the streets and the first band is due up at 4:30 PM. I rode around today on the scooter and talked to neighbors and seems a lot of them plan on attending. Show your support for Jack and Jill Radio and come to the block party!

10/27/04- The line up for the block party it set with just 104 hours till show time. (No pun intended) First up- shortSTACK, next Friction Farm, then The Tunes and The Tones and closing the show Kittyjul. We are ready for a great party. Thanks to all the staff who helped us find bands. Radio Jack has secured the stage, lights, and JJR T-shirts. DJ Joe's House of Wax is sponsoring the 'on the air' sound with DJ Joe on the board in Studio A. Studio B is moving into the street- DJ Captain Morgan is running the sound on the street.   Word has it Howie from Sunrise will be in to run the snow cone machine. Dave up the Street is helping with the PA and cotton candy machine. My good friend Jim will have his popcorn machine. DJ Jill and DJ Magical Wendi are working on the food and drinks for the staff and bands. Other staff assignments are pending. For more details on the block party click on the link from the main page.

Well just when I was sure things were set for the show...things change. I guess there is a reason for everything.  The new opening band is Catalonia. Check out their website at www.cataloniamusic.com. Strange, last night my special show pen (a old Pentel Roller Ball) broke. Today I bought a whole box of new ones. I wonder if that was a sign of what was to happen today. Yes, things do happen for a reason- Mother Earth maybe the only one who really knows.

10/26/04- Had some great live radio recently. DJ Todd was in town and we got the first edition of the new season of the Acoustic Review 'in the can'. It has already made replays. Also a RJS last night was classic rock for some new friends to the station. Good News on the block party front.- we may have found a band to cover the closing spot. I am going to hook up tonight and see what the deal is. I understand they have played out before and have a blues/rock set. They have been mostly acoustic (no drums) but think they can get a drummer for the night. Let's see what happens. Life is short and you have to take some chances, I guess we have nothing to loose as it is for free.

10/22/04- Several points of interest today. Got a new KVM for the studio. This allowed us to get the SETI computer running again. Jack and Jill Radio has donated over 9000 hours of processor time to the project. I do believe we are not 'the only game in town'. Spoke to Broadcast Warehouse today about several of our components which are damaged. They feel they can get us going again. May take a month or so. No question their gear is the best. Spoke with Dave up the street today. He may know a band to cover for the one that pulled out. They were just kids and realized they were in over their head.  I think we will do so live radio tomorrow. Check it out!

10/20/04- "Radio Jack is at the helm of this great ship, we shall navigate with a true heart. Rest easy we will find our way." So it is written, so it shall be.

10/17/04- Without question one of the best music review shows. Thanks to all the staff and soon to be staff that was on hand. If you think the bands don't listen, think again:

Hey everybody and Jack and Jill Radio!

Thank you for playing our songs and for your feedback!

The Orange Hill artwork on the cover is actually a landfill in Jersey City, NJ where the band is from.  Lyrically, the bulk of our songs are based on the concept of love gone bad.  We chose the landfill as a metaphor that symbolizes something that appears normal on the surface but is not as it appears underneath.

As far as our live performance goes, we are able to make a respectable transition from the recorded material to the stage and the quality sound of our live shows is what we're known for.  

Thank you again for playing our songs and hope to hear more on the station!

Smear Campaign

10/16/04- I worked all night last night till 2 AM rebuilding the studio back to where we were before the lighting strike. Then I was up at 7 AM working on the outside stuff. I must have been up and down the tower 40 times. Thanks is due to: DJ Johnny Nitro of IAMRADIO, I was about to lose what little of my mind was left and he saved the day with a fresh look at the issues. Also to DJ Johnny Lex with telephone support. I am glad he does not charge for that. Outside is back where it was before the strike. I am exhausted with a Music Review show in just an hour and a half. My brother Jack Daniels should help with that.

10/14/04- Thanks to Dave up the street, we booked our second band and have secured a sound system for the show. Having our own sound will make it much easier on the bands as far as setup and break down. This should help with the bands having max play time. Block party is shaping up great.  New words of wisdom, see link below.

10/13/04- Well good news- bands started responding last night. Some really hot bands to, that really surprised me. We may have some awesome talent for the show. More to follow. Stereo generator still has some noise in it. I hope to catch up with DJ Johnny Lex later this week and get that working better. It really isn't all that bad, but I like a perfect clean sound. Here is a new feature- Radio Jack's Deep Thoughs and Words of Wisdom. This is sort of like the RJ Zen Moments I put in some shows. All credit is given when the author is known. Click the link above.

UPDATE: I am pleased to announce the first band has confirmed for the block party: shortSTACK Check out their website.

10/12/04- Block Party permit arrived. We are good to go, except- we have no bands. If you know a band who is interested please have them call me at 954-741-7233 or Email Me I need to get this booked- SOON. I am even considering a 'battle of the bands' with a $100 cash prize- any thoughts? The studio will be mostly back together after payday this week. Though not 100 percent, it will be close. Saturday is the Music Review Show @ 8 PM. Don't miss it. This is going to be a good one.

10/07/04- We back in stereo, but there is a bit of noise still there. Next week DJ Johnny Lex will help me fish it out. Got the 9024 and it works fine. Thanks to DJ Johnny Nitro for the new J pole. It works great. Slow but sure we will get back to normal. Any body got a 4 Port KVM they don't need? and a 8 channel headphone amp? That's about $200 worth of gear. This sure isn't a cheap hobby, that's for sure. Music Review Show is set for Saturday 10/16 @ 8 PM. Don't miss the return of this classic show.

10/04/04- One more day in mono. DJ Johnny Lex helped me fix the stereo generator, but I need to get the chips. We used the chips from his stereo generator to test with. I think I know where to get them. I am going to try and wheel and deal on a DSP 9024 at a local music store. If all goes well we will be in stereo and back to our normal sound quality by tomorrow night. Got some good shows to come. I know it has been a while, storms and life have conspired against us. We'll be back with a fresh start and awesome sound. Stay Tuned!

10/01/04- Great News- Girlyman is going to be on Woodsongs! I introduced them to Michael Jonathan. I am so pleased another Jack and Jill favorite is getting a boost.  Greg Scott is coming over today to help with some of the repairs. Slow but sure we will get back up to speed.  DJ Jill and I have been talking about some shows. We need Dead Fred 4, a Music Review ( I have some great CD's lined up for this show) and a 12 hour Show. The 24 hour show was too long, but 12 could be real fun and everyone can easily last the entire time. Any suggestions for the 'on the air movie'?  BTW DJ Jill and I went to see Phil Collins last night, awesome show. What a creative and talented man.

   September 2004   

09/25/04- Here we go again- AHHHHHgggggg. I am so over storms. I will report on the station after the storm. I will be at work until the storm passes. The station has been beat up good and it look like it's gonna get another lick. Be safe and follow all orders by local authorities- please don't say it's not coming, we must act as if it is.

09/23/04- Slow but sure the studio is being rebuilt. I am hoping by next week we will be in a position to do live shows again. I need a KVM switch and some kind of monitoring system for cueing CD's. I am still looking for the chips for the stereo generator, then  DJ Johnny Lex will help us repair it. Saturday DJ Johnny Nitro will help with the tower and other outside repairs.

09/16/04- For the most part the station is back up, servers and all. There is still much to replace, but that will take time and money, both of which are in short supply. Might get a live show in tonight if I can. No live shows this weekend as we will be out of town. On another note, I had the honor of giving a few quotes for Cary Cooper's new web site. Cary is the partner of Tom Prasada-Rao. They are  The Dreamsicles.   Here are my quotes:

"Cary Cooper is a musical gift from a benevolent deity. Let's say you call the benevolent deity " Mother Earth"- that's good- because Cary's music comes from the heart of a mother and is written with her feet firmly on the ground."

"One of the most miraculous musical experiences I have ever had was to sit next to Cary after a house concert and hear her sing 'Wounded Healer'. I stopped breathing in hopes of halting time so the moment would last as long as possible."

"Cary Cooper writes and sings music that does not confuse you, or put you on a quest for a decoder ring
 to figure out what she is trying to say."

"Best karma of any singer/songwriter I have met to date. Cary's voice and music will charm you
with it's warmth and visual clarity. Listen- and feel."

                                                                                                          Radio Jack
                                                                                     General Manager/Program Director
                                                                                     Jack and Jill Radio- 'Radio for the Mind that Thinks'

09/15/04- RECOVERY UPDATE: Got the main station computer rebuilt- all data was recovered. We lost no shows, clips or production work. Audio on the internet is much better with software compression and the playlist is back up to over 50 hours. The mail server, webmail server and Shoutcast Audio server will be back up tonight. DJ Johnny Lex of She Radio is going to help me repair the stereo generator, till them we will be in mono. Compressors are not repairable and will need to be replaced. Till I can find some new ones we will run on the DBX 163x's. It's all we have at this point and it is better than nothing. WEB SITE NOTE: The site might be unavailable for a day or so. I am transferring the registration of the site to a new provider. The new provider only charges $8.97 a year, where the previous provider was $85.00 for the same services. There will be a lag in the change over of the DNS.

09/14/04- I got the station back on the air last night. The audio is no where near as good as it was. I am having to use the Live365 mp3Pro encoder and it is not as good as Simplecast. Also no compression as the both 9024's were blown up. The lighting strike was a total melt down to the station network. The hit: 3 computers, 2 monitors, 2 UPS, 2 compressors, 1 audio distribution link, 1 router, 1 hub, 1 WAP, 1 WAN, 1 Stereo generator. Not to mention we found damage from Frances. Not good. It will take time to rebuild all this stuff. All shows are on hold till I can get the station back into some kind of order. Want to help? Send MONEY. I have to claim the damage to the house, so I am eating the strike. HELP!!!

09/10/04- BAD NEWS: Station was hit by lightning on Wednesday night. Most of the computers were fried. We are still in damage assessment. Studio in not operable at this point, so the music review show is cancelled. With this next storm coming I am not sure when I will be able to restore the station. More next week when I can get phones, internet and computers back up and running. Till then : send money cause that what is going to take to get back up and running.

09/06/04- We are back on the AIR! We lost our internet connection for about two days. Other storm damage includes our KVM switch, voice mail computer, still no phone service, screens, roof tiles and the pool is a disaster. The tower and antenna from the old FM days is in fair shape. As I write, the pool company is working on the pool. All in all, we faired well here at the station. Most of the damage is cosmetic and can be easily repaired. We hope this next storm does not mess up the music review show planned for next weekend. Email your damage stories to me here.

   August 2004   

08/28/04- Music Review Show is on for September 11th @ 8 PM. We will welcome a new staff member. Rotation will change today as well, so tune in for some different shows. LPFM news front - we hear a lot of talk, but word is the new law has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese and was only meant as a scare tactic. Taking any illegal stations off the air will only make room for those waiting to come on the air. South Florida is a multi-cultural, densely populated area. LPFM is not hard or expensive to do. Somewhere along the way people have gotten confused. They think because they are 'doing something good for their community' that this over rides the law. Somehow this gives them the 'right' to break the law. Don't get me wrong, I hate commercial radio and I feel it is the voice of cooperate America and does not serve the community near what it could. That aside, it still does not mean you can break the law. It means you need to change the law to meet the current needs of the community. No, I am not interested in contrasting points of view. I am a dictator, though a benevolent one.

08/17/04- I was very busy with the storm. We sent 14 vehicles over to the west coast. I have heard it was bad, but not an Andrew. I guess people have already forgotten what Andrew was like. I will never forget the site of Bill Baggs State Park without a tree anywhere. It was overwhelming. Sad news- DJ Joe has resigned from the station for personal reasons. We will miss him.  Words can not express how much he has meant to the growth of the station.  We wish him the best in his new path. On a lighter note- I have got some excellent material for a music review show. We will work on it for sometime this month or first of next month.

08/11/04- No updates till after the storm. Wish me luck.

08/10/04- Great SNL , thanks for all the phone calls. I heard from DJ Todd, all is well. We hope to get back on the Acoustic Review again soon. Any requests for replays? I need to update the play list and if you have a favorite write in and let me know. Got a music review in the works. A week of reunions, we heard from DJ Captain Morgan and our faithful listener Howie.  I wonder why. I guess I am not meant to understand some things. The show will go on, this I promise. We do radio, there for we exist.

08/03/04- Had a problem with the UPS on the main station computer, so we were off the air for several hours. Problem fixed and we are back on the air. Added a show for this Saturday Night. More to come as the months schedule works out. Stay Tuned!

08/02/04- Once again it has been a while since I updated this page. There have been a million things going on. I, Radio Jack,  rebuilt our main computer, which had the FTP, Mail and Web Servers on it. That took over a week to get back on track. Next DJ Jill was out of town and I had to attend to Little Man Jack. Next, I went out of town for a great motorcycle ride with DJ Motorcycle. We rode to Ocala. 700 miles of riding and we only got rained on the last 20 miles. If it is going to rain that is the best time on the way home. OK: Shows- we hope to begin show production again here in mid to late August. We have a ton of new CDs from independent artists to review, so a music review show is in order with a 3 CD speed review. Acoustic Review will return with a ton of new CD's as well. So we should be back on track this month.

   July 2004   

07/21/04- Sorry it has been so long since an update. Everyone has been very busy with travel, birthdays, holidays- just general life stuff. We hope to get some shows back into production soon. TONS of activity on the free radio front. Check the Sun-Sentinal Site today for a story. All it takes is money.  All I will say is read and be well informed.

07/10/04- Thanks to DJ Joe for a classic FNL and to Greg Scott at SHE for the air time. The show will replay later today. Also listen about 12:30 PM today for the first DJ Joe- Production Show. A totally produced show. DJ Joe says it's awesome..let's see if it is. It will be in the rotation for the next several weeks.

07/08/04- Busy day- got the Station FTP server back up. If you had access, email me for the new User name and password. Also installed Netscape 7.1 to use for web page editing. I hope it works ok and does not change the links to images. This is a pain as the page counter is not on the local machine. Other programs change this, bummer. Anyway motorcycle rider tomorrow night and FNL on Friday. All is well.

07/07/04- This is so strange using a text editor to work with these web paages. DJ Joe says its better, but it would sure help to be able to see the end product as it is created. Anyway- Look for FNL This week with RJ and DJ Joe and we should be on SHE as well. The Acoustic Review Show in not in production right now. I expect it to restart in mid August. It is a VERY busy summer.


07/02/04- Well the system has been rebuilt. What a pain to reinstall all that software. It is was nice to have a clean slate, but wow the time it takes.  All the servers are back up, except the FTP. I have forgotten how I set that up. Oh well. I am thinking about putting a new board in this box and make a dedicated server and then get another box for DJ Jill and general use. Playlist has been updated with new stuff. Enjoy.


   June 2004   

06/29/04- BIG DISASTER- The main computer hard drive took a dump! Lost all my email, email server and all. Got a new hard drive, but it will take several days to rebuild. I hate when this happens.

06/22/04- New playlist is up. This is a very diverse set of shows. Will cover a wide range of taste. Look for FNL this week with Radio Jack and DJ Joe with a simul-cast on She. Start time 8 PM. We will feature Blues and old rock. RJS tonight 8 to 8:30 PM or thereabouts. We are number 9 in genre. Holding well.

06/17/04- We dropped to number 10, but we are still way up there! Had a few bad electrical hits at the studio- knocked the station computer for a loop- not good. We are back up and running. I am please to announce we now have a Web Mail Server. So if you have one our email addresses (@jackadnjillradio.com), you can access your account from any web browser. Contact Radio Jack for more details, or if you have interest in an account on our server.

06/14/04- We climbed another notch to number 8! Keep those stream going. The higher we get the better. I will try and get the show page up to date tonight. I am also going to try and install a Webmail server. This would allow web access to our domain- jackandjillradio.com. Why? Just because we can.

06/09/04- Great News we are number 9 in out genre Music to.. Music to. Keep listening online when you can. That helps boost our hours. FNL and SNL with Acoustic Review on Thursday. Busy week of Live Radio! She Radio in South-East Broward will carry some of our content this weekend. She Radio is working on a web site to come soon.

06/08/04- Ok- time to change formats- For the next week or so we will run Radio Jack Shows, DJ Joe Shows and a few Acoustic review shows here and there. Up the Hill Productions House Concerts is looking to open it's doors either July 16/17 or July 23/24. We are working on the first act now. If we get who we are talking to, it is going to be one hell of a opening act. I can't even believe it, and I always shoot for the stars! Look for Acoustic Review and SNL this week.  Up the Hill Productions

06/02/04- We are real close to the Top 10 stations in our genre on Live 365- we are number 11 in Music To...To,  which the way of saying multi-format. Log on and listen this week and let's see if we can make the top ten this week- that would be cool.
Catch the Thursday night shows- we have a ton of great new music to share with you.


   May 2004   

05/25/04- Well some great shows over the past weekend. FNL with Rj and DJ Jill- fun show, and the first simulcast with She Free Radio.  Live Radio: Wednesday to Friday this week. The Night Live Show Marathon continues. We are now up to May/June/July 2003. Enjoy some of the older shows. Oh yeah- I got five new ZZ Top CDs and 3 more Led Zeppelin. Look for our feature Led at 11 to really take off.

05/20/04- Acoustic Review Show for tonight is canceled. We have had some dead air recently due to the station computer have the famous 'blue screen of death'. On Windows 200 Pro, that is REAL bad. DJ Joe is going to re-work the machine and tweak it out. The playlist maybe short as we will use a backup computer during this time. Right now we are running a 'Night Live Show Marathon'. 

05/14/04- Great Acoustic Review Show last night. Thanks to DJ Todd. I will re-air that show today. RJ and staff have a busy weekends, so no live radio this weekend. Up the Hill Productions is coming along. We are hoping for the first house concert in August or September. We will have concerts every other month, except for certain times during the year where we may have more due to people being in town. We are working on booking Girylman and Full Frontal Folk in early 2005. More to come. Web site is being developed at this time. Plan on spending a few days with us here and there for some excellent music and fun.

05/08/04- Neil from Makemeasong.com found this- Thanks Neil!

From Hits Magazine

 April 19, 2004

It's about friggin' time.

After kowtowing to Congress and the FCC for everyone from Janet Jackson and Bono to Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge, at least some of the country's media companies have decided they're not gonna take it anymore.

Viacom, Fox, RadioOne, Citadel, Beasley and Intercom are joining with activists like People for the American Way and Media Access Project to ask the FCC to overturn its recent decision that the F-word, and any other word the commissioners don't like, can be punished with major fines or license revocations.

Neither NBC, whose broadcast of a Bono expletive on the Golden Globes prompted the FCC decision, nor ABC had joined the fight at presstime. NBC was expected to file a separate petition Monday. ABC is not planning to participate.

Others asking the FCC to back down include performers Penn & Teller and Margaret Cho.

If the FCC doesn't strike the Bono ruling, the protestors plan to file an appeal in federal court.

The resulting legal battle could land any anti-indecency legislation in the Supreme Court, where at least one lawyer, Bob Corn-Revere, of Davis Wright Tremaine, believes firmly they will win.

"The commission's harsh new policy has sent shock waves through the broadcast industry and is forcing licensees to censor speech that unquestionably is protected by the First Amendment," he wrote in the petition. "The FCC consciously assumed the role of a national arbiter of good taste, and its decision already is exerting a chilling effect."

The chilling effect can already be seen in NBC's decision to blur an 80-year-old woman's exposed breast in a scene in ER; the implementation of delays during live shows; deletion of a hint of cleavage from a PBS documentary; firing of raunchy DJs; and even a public station's dismissal of longtime host Sandra Tsing-Loh.

Many have criticized the FCC's inconsistency in defining indecency, and the lag time in petitioning for violations. Bono's use of the "F"-word on NBC's telecase Golden Globes in January 2003 wasn't a problem until six months later, when the Parents' Television Council protested the FCC's ruling that the "fleeting" uternace didn't warrant punishment.

Corn-Revere also points out that FCC decisions saying euphemisms may also be indecent raise the question of whether "friggin'" or "freakin'" or "effin" might be off-limits as well.

Viacom President Mel Karmazin has so far refused to pronounce any content indecent, suggesting that was a matter for the company's lawyers to determine, and alone among his broadcast bretheren, has stated a willingness to challenge the definition of indecency in the courts.

05/06/04- We start carrying a new show tonight- Sidetracks with Ed McDonald. Tune into the Acoustic Review Show tonight for more details. I hope to post a new live show schedule soon.. 


   April 2004   

04/29/04- No I don't update the news as much as I used to as DJ Joe points out. I guess cause I don't know if anyone really reads it. Anyway tomorrow night FNL with Radio Jack and DJ Joe and Special Guest: DJ Jill. DJ Jill has requested her own laptop for the show- so, Let the clip wars begin. I might not get to talk- with all those clips. Lots of fun stuff in the show- NEW  and Exciting! Don't miss it!

04/25/04- Thanks to DJ Joe for the live show last night. I have not heard it yet, but it is almost ready for replay. Did he trash RJ? He usually does. Look for a live Sunday night show of some sort. Not sure what I will do, but live radio is in order.

04/20/04- All is well. Station is running well. Posted a couple more live shows for April. Lots of new CD's for Thursday night show. Tune in for some excellent new music. 

04/13/04- Time to write your Florida Lawmakers, if you need help contact me: Here

 Florida Moves to Criminalize Pirate Radio; Jammers Hit Clear Channel?

SB 2714 has been introduced in the Florida State Senate. This legislation would allow state authorities loose on the hunt for pirate stations; the act itself would be treated as a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. Presently it is a crime in Florida to intentionally interfere with radio signals - a misdemeanor. 

SB 2714 cleared the Senate's Committee on Communication and Public Utilities last month on a 7-1 vote and awaits similar endorsement by the Criminal Justice Committee. A companion bill in the state House (House 1197) has already been endorsed by its Committees on Business Regulation (28-8) and Appropriations (37-5). 

The Senate bill's language implies it will take effect on July 1, so these bills will be on the move this session for sure. The House bill already has a half-dozen co-sponsors. Not a peep from the corporate media, who hinted this was coming, nor from the FCC. 

You can thank State Senator J. Alex Villalobos and Representative David Rivera for doing the honors of hatchet men. 

Then there is this coincidental bit from the rumor mill: I received a report of a 50-watt mobile FM station that recently broadcast in the Fort Lauderdale area. Mobile operations are relatively rare in the U.S. - but this one, if true, belongs in a class of its own. 

It existed solely to mess with Big 106, a Clear Channel-owned classic rock station that at the end of February dropped the Howard Stern show as part of the ongoing flap between Clear Channel and the FCC over indecency. 

During weekends in March this mobile pirate reportedly "cruised up and the beach in Fort Lauderdale" and played clips from Howard Stern's shows, the movie Private Parts, and "anti-Clear Channel propaganda" directly on WBGG-FM's frequency. On its last outing the station "drove to the studios of Clear Channel and did a drive-by in the parking lot." 

Further requests for details from the source of the initial report produced this clip (2:01, 1.9 MB) (note: not an air check). There have been no cross-confirmations of this activity. 

I am of a split mind over this stunt: I admire the spunk but wonder how much good 50 watts does to override a 100,000-watt classic rock blowtorch. The sentiments behind it are understandable but the tactic itself has the potential to bring more harm than it's worth: this incident, if confirmed, could be used as ammo in the criminalization effort. 

04/12/04- Sorry about the dead air. Winamp was acting up. Normally it jumps to the next file if it can not find the one playing. In this case it just stopped. Radio Jack and DJ Jill are back. Jamaica was a total blast, we are exhausted.

04/09/04- DJ Joe is in charge while I am gone. Remind me to kick DJ Diaoblique's Ass for getting us such an early flight.

04/08/04- Live Radio tonight- Acoustic Review- some great new stuff on tap. Station is sounding great! Love the DSP9024.

04/07/04- Radio Jack got a new digital camera- Here is Studio A:

04/06/04- Went to a great concert Sunday night at Dave Up the Streets house. The Kennedys were there. Excellent show. Got all 5 of their CDs/ Listen for them on Thursday during the acoustic review show. Got another 15 new CDs of some fantastic stuff. RJS show tonight- 8 PM. 

04/03/04- Now that was radio! One of the best shows yet! Thanks, DJ Joe- you are the best. Lots of good radio to come in April, see shows page for more information. DSP sounds great. We are cooking now. Thanks to IMRADIO- 90.1 FM for his calls last night-  http://www.freewebs.com/imradio/

04/02/04- 2nd DSP 9024 is online and up to speed! DJ Joe may tweak a bit- it is a fetish he has. FNL tonight at 8 PM. This is going to a grand show. (I have to start using new words- DJ Jill is giving me a hard time about some of my catch phrases.) 2 new bits and a contest. Some of your old favorite too. Tune in for the fun.


   March 2004   

03/29/04- For the first time in I can't remember when, the station computer crashed last night. I can't find any reason for it. Very strange. The chip fir the DSP should be here any day. Looking forward to getting that up again. Been riding my motorcycles and scooter a lot. Love to be out on two wheels. DJ Lady Hawk is in demand these days. Had several requests for more shows with her. It is funny I just spoke with her a few days ago and she wants to come up on Monday's. I think we can work that out. Watch for the new shows.

03/26/04- Tonight's show is cancelled. A co-worker and good friend's father passed away after a long illness. I am going down to spend time with him. Strange too, someone I worked a few times at Station 16- died last week as well. 3 months ago went to the doctor with blurry vision- died last week. People, hear me LIFE IS SHORT- LIVE NOW!. These are the good ole' days- right now. Don't miss anything along the way. 

03/25/04- Got another DSP9024 in the mail yesterday. Waiting for the update eeprom software, then it will be in operation. Radio Jack got a second motorcycle this week too! A Yamaha FZ6- hummmm fasssssst! Yeah baby. I also started writing my book. It may take years to finish, but I started. These station news and information pages will be included. I just could not beileve that there are over 40 pages of notes. Staff has been traveling and will be till early July, so live shows will be fewer than normal. 

03/15/04- Three great shows this week: Wednesday- Randy Goat Radio on St. Patties day @ 8 PM; Thursday-  Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour @ 7:30 PM then The Acoustic Review @ 8:30 PM -1/2 Acoustic and 1/2 New Age this week; Then FNL @ 8 PM. Lots of good stuff to come keep us tuned in.

03/13/04- Yes, yes, yes the station is alive and well. I have been so busy and out of town I have not had a chance to sit down and update the page. Next acoustic show on 3/18 will be excellent as I have a ton of new CDs. Next FNL is 3/19. Last night was a really good RJS (Radio Jack Show). Listen for a replay later today. If all goes well we will have the return of Randy Goat Radio this Wednesday as well. 

03/03/04- Station Up Grade- We added a 160 gig hard drive to the station computer. This over doubles the storage space for shows. It is also a faster drive which helps too. We also added a Fostex MR-8 Digital recording device to the station equipment list. It is like a portable studio for multi track recording. I will post s show schedule for March in the next day or so. 


   February 2004   

02/27/04- Thanks to an inside source, we have some postings from a radio trade web site. I have placed them on the LPFM page for lack of a better place. Maybe we need to add a page for such news. It is among the scariest I have seen to date. I'll be honest, terrorist are the least of our worries. I think we have much bigger problems right here under our nose. Read here.

02/26/04- I can't even believe it- Clear Channel removed Howard Stern from the air. Are they crazy? If you didn't believe before, then believe now- Clear Channel is running your entertainment life, is that what you want? Write an email today and tell them where to go and how to get there. This corporate censorship must stop!  Here is the email I sent to Clear Channel today:

It is not Clear Channel's or their advertisers place to decide what is or is not indecent or obscene. This is blatant corporate censorship.  I am 42 years old I can think, and make my own decisions. 

I have an hour long drive to work in the morning, the Howard Stern Show is funny and good entertainment. Yes, it is adult in nature- I like that, I want that in a radio show. No, I don't let my children listen it. It is MY job as a parent to monitor what my children listen to.

I will make it a point to avoid anything in relation to Clear Channel, including radio stations, concerts and any advertisers. I will also tell all my friends to do the same.

Here is the response:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Howard Stern program.  We very much value and appreciate your opinion. Due to the large volume of emails, we cannot personally respond to each inquiry.  Below is the statement from John Hogan, President  & CEO of the Clear Channel Radio regarding this matter.

“Clear Channel drew a line in the sand with regard to protecting our listeners from indecent content and Howard Stern’s show blew right through it. It was vulgar, offensive, and insulting, not just to women and African Americans but to anyone with a sense of common decency.  We will not air Howard Stern on Clear Channel stations until we are assured that his show will conform to acceptable standards of responsible broadcasting.” 

John Hogan
President & CEO
Clear Channel Radio

Send your email today to: pr@clearchannel.com

02/25/04- The studio got flooded! A/C drain line got clogged and get the carpet wet. YUCK! Smells terrible out there. Drain Line is fixed, but it will take several days to clear out the odor and moisture.

02/24/04- No live radio for the next week or so. Just too much going on. All is well, just busy with life. I'll save all the new stories for the next live show.

02/22/04- Two back to back awesome shows! FNL with RJ/DJJ/DJM (that's how it looks in the station log- that stands for Radio Jack and DJ Joe and DJ Motorcycle) and SNL with RJ- including 'The Nexis Edition 11'. Actually the longest Nexis edition to date. All is well. More shows to come. 

02/16/04- Great show on tap for this Friday- DJ Joe and DJ Motorcycle and maybe even DJ Tood are in the house for FNL starting at 8 PM. Vinyl is on tap for the night, don't miss it! We'll have the Elvis mike (Shure 55- see below) online for effect. 

02/12/04- Thanks to DJ Todd for a great show last night. First vinyl to ever air on Jack and Jill Radio. What a great sound it was. FNL tonight with Radio Jack as the lone host. I am hoping to hear from some of the  staff for call ins. BTW we got a second turntable for the station. We are going to try and get that vinyl night going again here soon.

02/09/04- Had a great time at the Miami Hamfest. Got some new test equipment, and a Shure 55 microphone. Better known as the 'Elvis' Mic. Is this a classic look or what? Doesn't sound all that great, compared to the Ruskie condensers we just got, but it is awesome in the looks department. Maybe I'll try and talk DJ Joe into making a profile on the Lexicon MPX-1 to simulate a tube pre-amp, and see if we can get this puppy sounding awesome.

02/04/04- Well here are a few more Janet boob pictures- Janet 1, Janet 2, Janet 3. Thanks to DJ Joe and Bob the Internet God for these 'close ups'. I must agree- it was no big deal. In fact great stunt- next time get all naked, Janet. 

02/02/04- Good game yesterday! Janet Jackson boob to boot.  Click here to see Janet's Boob. .My life is good. Got Lauren Fix from Car Smarts lined up for the show on 2/20- FNL. Join us for the fun. New Shows are now posted on the Programs page.


   January 2004   

1/28/04- Join us tomorrow at 7:30 PM for The Wood Songs Old Time Radio Hour and then at 8:30 PM The Acoustic Review with Radio Jack and DJ Todd and special musical guest Calra Ulbrich. Should be a fun show.

1/25/04- Great Show last night. It is no wonder DJ Joe is the assistant general manager to the station. DJ Joe is the BEST! New playlist posted. The phone interface was fine. It was the DBX processors where the A/C humm was. Not sure where it came from, but I will look into it this week. Good News is we don't have to send the interface out.

1/23/04- Equipment issues today. The phone interface developed an A/C hum and is packed and ready to be shipped back to the factory. Don't know what happened. On the good news side, we got two new MK319 Octavaia Condenser Mics today. That is the same mic we use as our 'main' mic. This should help improve sound quality. Great News for Monster Zero- the are opening for REO Speedwagon twice this weekend. We are very happy for them. SNL tomorrow- don't miss it.

1/22/04- Great Show on tap for tonight. Acoustic Review will feature Girlyman  and their new CD "Remember Who I am". There will be an interview with the band at 9 PM. DJ Todd has the night off for his 20th wedding anniversary. Congrats!

01/19/04- New playlist posted today. Includes some music reviews and JT shows. I have been working on a Shoutcast Server for the station. But I just can't seem to two servers and get the quality I want. I need two real fast computers. It's just money. The Live 365 stream comes first, and it the best. The streaming machine for SHE just isn't going to cut it. I'll have to wait till he gets DSL or cable. Dial up just does not have the horsepower for streaming audio.

01/16/04- SNL is coming up on the 24th. We may stream a live show or two for SHE another free radio station, and maybe Skywave. Basically experiments in streaming audio. If anyone has P2 or P3 motherboards with CPUs and you want to donate them to the cause, that would help in making steaming machines for this project. Internet listening hours are going up, but I think it is mostly me and DJ Joe. Oh well- our break is coming, of course I am not sure what it is, but it will come. In fact it just might be in the form of a book. I have always wanted to write a book and publish it. Today I went back through the news and information pages and the station log book. Any guesses on how much material? Over 50 full pages and 254 recorded events, which equals about 600 CDs worth of material. There just has to be a book in this some where.

01/13/04- I have posted a playlist of the currently airing replays. It is on the Program Page. These are some of the most current shows. I can post favorite replays as well. Send an email to Jack and Jill Radio and I will post them. The ad on Live 365 is not really getting us any hits to speak of. Of 2002 impressions we got 6 hits. Word of mouth is the best- tell all your friends about us. It is the only way we going to develop a real following.

01/10/04- Today is when our ad on Live 365 begins to run. It is to run 20,000 times in the next 30 days. I have inquired about how you become a feature station, but not heard back yet. Word of mouth is going to be our best bet. Email all your friends and family and tell them to log on. The more hours we get in the higher we get in the search listing. We are listed as Various, Comedy, Rock. Since we have so many different shows, it is hard to pin us to one genre. Oh well, lets see what this brings us. The first Internet SNL is the 24th- come hear the real Jack and Jill Radio...8 PM 

01/08/04- The stream has been put up to 56Kbps @ 44.1Khz. We had to raise the stream to get the 'green dot' on Live 365. The green dot identifies us as broadcasting in mp3Pro. We are hoping by being one of the first to switch to this format we will draw listeners. Enjoy our CD quality stream.

01/07/04- Our first ad on LIVE 365 will start running 1/10/04. Let's see if 20,000 impressions brings us a few new listeners. I hope the mp3Pro brings in a few as well. Normal Thursday line up should run this week. We are also looking into feeding a couple of other local stations and internet stations with our content. Looks like someone has been listening after all. More news on this in coming days.

01/06/04- I just want to publicly thanks- DJ Joe for all his support. Of all the good things that have happened because of Jack and Jill Radio. Meeting DJ Joe is the BEST! You are a true friend and the best assistant general manager there could be.

01/05/04- Does the station sound great or what?? We have settled at 40 Kbps at 44.1 Khz. We are going to be testing dial up connections this week, to see how they work at this speed. If you have a dial up and can test this please let us know how it sounds and works. Live Thursday night show will resume this week (1/8). I expect to have live shows at least two weekends a month- either Friday or Saturday. What we ready need it web site promotion. Please get the word about Jack and Jill Radio out to all your friends and family. Get us links where ever you can. We really need to get the listening hours up. Yes, I must admit it did sound good on DJ Joe's Fisher. I did learn something about DJ Joe- he has a lawn grass fetish. It is good to know I am not the only person at Jack and Jill Radio to have some form of OCD.

01/03/04- Excellent day for the NEW Jack and Jill Radio. DJ Joe and I worked for quite a while on the sound of our internet audio. We optimized for 40Kbs @ 44.1 Khz. This is an attempt to make it so dial up users can hear us at CD quality. I will be going up to DJ Joe's tomorrow to hear it 'on the Fisher'. DJ Joe claims it is the best. Download the mp3Pro plug in for Winamp and enjoy the awesome new sound. Show schedule will be posted soon.

01/02/04- UPDATE: We are testing a new encoder- Simple Cast. We are at 56K @44.1Khz, which is CD Quality! It is so awesome!! Check it out!! We might start a second stream at a lower bit rate for dial up- like a 24K @ 32Khz.

01/02/04- DJ Joe sent over a great link to some software that streams MP3Pro. I downloaded the manual and will read it today. Maybe over the weekend we will upgrade to this program. I hope to start running our ad on Live 365 next week. So for now live shows are on hold. Except maybe the Acoustic Review show- that most likely will resume on Thursday night at 8:30 PM, with Wood Songs running at 7:30 PM.

01/01/04- At 3:30 AM this morning Radio Jack pulled the plug. I know most of the staff understands. It is a decision I made with my head and not my heart. I am trusting that the new things to come will be far greater than our expectations. I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year. New show schedule will be sparse as we work on our Demo CD.


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