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   December 2013   

12/31/13 So far we have received exactly $0 to date in Donations.

   November 2013   

11/30/13: So far we have received exactly $0 to date in Donations.

   October 2013   

10/31/13: So far we have received exactly $0 to date in Donations.

   September 2013   

09/30/13: Wow we have received exactly $0 through our PayPal Donate buttons. The person standing on the corner with his sign and a BMW parked in a parking garage around the corner gets more than that! If this is how much what we do is appreciated maybe we should just shut it down! We really didn’t think we were asking that much, just some spare change, geez.

   April 2013   

04/12/13: Well as you can see I did do some updating to the website but don’t get used to it we are not out of the woods yet. During all this we almost had to shut the whole thing down several time because this does cost $ to run, Bandwidth for streaming, webhosting charges, domain registration fees, electricity and hardware. In the last 3 years we have had to replace everything from the computer that runs things here to our network switches and router. So we put some PayPal donate buttons on some of our pages. If you like what we do and can spare some loose change it would be greatly appreciated.

   January 2013   

01/01/13: The bad economy caught up to us just like everyone else so with only one on staff (DJ Rambler) and needing to bring more $ in and spend less there is barely enough time to keep the station running which has left no time to keep the website up to date. Sorry.


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