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   December 2008   

12/29/08: New music Received and loaded into the rotation includes tracks off CDs from Tuck & Patti – I Remember You, Project Grand Slam – Play and a single from Heather Andrews – A Day At The Beach. Thanks to all those at Miles High Productions for all the new music! Also received from individual artists are, Fred Stein – Pizza & Ice Cream, Luke Powers – Texasee, Mario Martin Zelaya – Calafia’s Moods and Peter Paul Parker – Stepping Up. Thanks to all the Artists for sending us this new music!

12/22/08: Well it’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here and another year has gone by. Been very busy with repairs here at the studio. I know that seems to be all that goes on around here but if you spent some time here you would understand why, another one of those long stories I will not get into here. The last few months have been divided between working at work and working here rebuilding the pump shed including all the plumbing and electrical associated with it. Doesn’t sound like much in that one sentence but believe me it was a lot of work and very time consuming. It takes a lot of time to dismantle a structure when you are going to reuse a lot of parts.  New music received is in the process of being added to the play list. We’ll list them here when we get them done. Happy Holidays to all from the staff and friends of Jack and Jill Radio. Remember, Christmas music from noon Christmas Eve till midnight Christmas Day! So tune in and enjoy the holidays!

   September 2008   

09/09/08: New music Received and loaded into the rotation includes tracks off CDs from Tiernan - End Of The World, Sexydeath – Unbruja, a self titled album from Catfight, a single from Cleer, The Seventh Season - Liquid Water, Ben Sollee - Learning To Bend and Peter Paul Parker - Stepping Up. Thanks to Sonicbids, Xopublicity and all the Artists for sending us this new music!

09/03/08: New music Received and loaded into the rotation includes a self titled CD by Lea Marie, a self titled CD by Sick Of Sarah, CD by Mutlu – Livin’ It, CD by Amelia – A long , Lovely List Of Repairs, Single by Megan Krantz – So Few Words. Thanks to all those at Miles High Productions for all the new music! Thanks to folks at The Acoustic Rainbow for these; a CD from Anna Laube – Outta My Head and sample singles from 18 different CDs from these artists; The Del McCoury Band, Takenobu, Chris Williamson, The Wood Brothers, Railroad Earth, American Babies, Widow Maker, The Juggernauts, James Curley, Corbett Chrisman & Tice, Jim Cope, Greg Hawks, Micke & Lefty, Mike Dougherty, Mark Mann, Bradley Ditto, Mohanders, and Earl J. Rivard.

09/01/08: Enough with the storms already, geez…..


 I have been scouring the internet trying to find a good embedded stream player for the website. After building a web page with an embedded Windows Media Player I found out something about Windows Media Player. You see I have always wondered why the station log shows lots of one second attempts to connect and always from Windows Media Player. The general consensus by the masses in the tech community is that Windows Media Player does not work well with Shoutcast streams which is what ours is. Most say that versions below version 9 will not play Shoutcast streams and none of them will show current song playing data. The embedded Windows Media Player that I put on our site is not actually a stand alone player it merely tells the listeners installed Windows Media Player to play the stream. So if the version of Windows Media Player installed on the listeners computer doesn’t like Shoutcast streams guess what, that’s right, it connects but doesn’t play and the listener tries several times to hear the music, gets fed up, and leaves.


I did find a great Java Applet based embedded player but just like any script code it causes a warning on the listeners web browser that would scare a lot of people off. Face it we have all been slapped by viruses, spam, warez, adware and the like to keep us from saying yes to those browser warnings. So as usual the solution costs money, I will have to spend close to $500 a year for a code signing certificate in order to put the Java applet on the site and I wont even get into what running the station is costing us already! So, I will have to think about this one, especially with the listenership down to a couple people at a time and a max of 5…. a max of 5!.... that’s sad.

   August 2008   

08/29/08: Our listeners are drying up for some reason, I don’t know why but the number of listeners has dropped 50%. Of course I might have a clue if our listeners called or emailed us once in a while! I know it seems like the station is abandoned with the lack of live radio but it takes a lot of work putting the playlists, weather reports and tropical updates together every evening for the next day. Someone is in the studio every evening (usually DJ Rambler) so if you like what you hear tell your friends, if not let us know what you want, Email us!

   July 2008   

07/26/08: Well after much blood, sweat and sunburn the station now has an automatic backup generator so we can stay on the air as long as we have an antenna and internet. When you do all this work yourself it takes much longer and takes lots of time away from loading new music and stuff on the station, sorry, we have to do all this ourselves because money is one thing we don’t have.

   May 2008   

05/23/08: Services for DJ Rambler’s father will be tomorrow at noon. 24 hours of Big Band and 50’s music will be played in his honor starting at midnight. We all love and miss you Big Daddy.

05/21/08: A very sad day here at JAJR, DJ Rambler’s father passed away at 3PM today. A veteran of both WWII and Korea and a retired fire Lt. with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. He is survived by his wife, 4 sons, 9 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

05/07/08: Long time no type. Lots of things have been going on here, some good some not. Major electrical repairs at the studio have kept us busy for some time, digging by hand in this coral rock is no fun trust me, “life is a ditch, can ya dig it?” Personal, legal and financial problems have taken there toll too but we won’t get into that here. I will say this, I’m really beginning to dislike lawyers, remember this, there’s law and there’s justice but never shall the two meet. Between FPL, Bellsouth network hardware and web server failures we have been down way more than I like. Just replaced the main router that was causing the dead “Listen Live” link and the webcam failures. Software issues have also been causing some problems where the same song plays over and over till someone calls or emails me to say PLEASE FIX IT! Or until I discover it myself. Our weather reports have been failing for over a month now, don’t know when that will be fixed, I may have to discontinue it. For all those that have submitted CDs in the last month please bear with me, I will get them on the air as soon as I can.

   January 2008   

01/19/08: The “Now Playing – Previously Played” webpage has been redone, now there is album art and a link for the now playing and up next songs that will take you to the Amazon website where you can buy the album that the song is on. Of course this only works if we have the album correct in the songs file tag, it is on an album not just a single and it is actually available for sale, check it out!

01/12/08: The 128 bit MP3 stream went down for a day due to several power outages at the station that locked up the streaming server plug-in. Thank you FPL.

01/04/08: The streams are finally back up and running, came back up at 6:09 PM EST. Longest outage in over 2 years! We really try our best to keep things running 100% but some things are beyond our control. Hope everyone’s holidays were great! Stay tuned in and enjoy the free radio while it lasts. Don’t forget, you can email us and let us know how we are doing and let us know if there is something you would like to hear. We do our best to give you our listeners what you want to hear.
DJ Rambler has spoken. =)

01/02/08: The streams are still down today. It turns out to be a problem with our streaming provider, they burned up their server and are currently trying to get a temporary server in place to get us back up and running while they can put a permanent replacement in its place.  Hopefully this won’t take too much longer.

01/01/08: The streams went down today at 1pm. We are trying to find the problem and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


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