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DJ Rambler

DJ Rambler: Owner/General Manager/Guy Who Goes To Jail When We Get Busted. Captain of the Great Pirate Ship afloat known as Jack And Jill Radio. DJ Rambler runs Studio E along with his better half, DJ Lady Hawke. A long time friend of Radio Jack’s. What he has done to help would fill a book. Among other things, DJ Rambler is solely responsible for the Jack And Jill Radio Phone/Voice Mail Network. DJ Rambler also has a great Deep Radio Voice. He really needs to make some station IDs (another DJ Joe comment). Studio E, the main broadcast studio, is DJ Ramblers spare bedroom.


DJ Lady Hawke: An excellent on the air personality who co-hosted several shows with Radio Jack. Outstanding Friday/Saturday Night Live Co-Host. Lots of spunk and opinions, with a wide musical taste and double D’s to boot. Hey Now! According to Radio Jack, “Lady Hawke may get her own show one day”.

DJ Lady Hawke


Radio Jack

Radio Jack: 1962 – 2006. Founder of Jack and Jill Radio. Probably Broward County's top James Taylor freak, Radio Jack owned almost every recording ever made by JT. Radio Jack wrote all the Friday/Saturday Night Live shows, booked all the live musical acts that play on the air, and hosted all the regular shows, (i.e., the $2 Rack Show and the Music Review Show) you'll hear over Jack And Jill Radio. Studio A, Radio Jack’s one-car garage, was the main broadcast studio. Radio Jack died in the line of duty as a Lieutenant Firefighter with Miami Dade Fire Rescue.


DJ Jill: Radio Jack's better half. First female DJ, and the one who let Radio Jack do all this. DJ Jill was Radio Jack’s life, love and dream. Even though she doesn’t think so, she has a great on-the-air voice. She just needs to eat the mike more (DJ Joe comment). DJ Jill did several shows with RJ in the background for support. Best material is 70s and 80s with dance and trance, and a minor in general rock; DJ Jill is a music force of great power.

DJ Jill


Little Man Jack

Little Man Jack: Radio Jack & DJ Jill’s son. Loved to move the sliders around and push all the buttons. Also loved to watch the bouncing lights on the board's LED meters when Van Halen was playing over the air. Sometimes his "adjustments" made the station sound better.


DJ Joe: Assistant General Manager, Assistant Chief Sound Engineer. Started out as a listener scanning the dial that called the station and became one of Radio Jack’s best friends. Did all station live band mixes and edits/remixes, filled in with the 'DJ Joe Radio Show Extravaganza' whenever Radio Jack took much-needed vacations. Awesome ex-professional guitar player, best Co-Host Radio Jack had. You'll most likely hear DJ Joe's and Radio Jack's Danelectro electric guitars on replays of Friday/Saturday Night Live shows (DJ Joe's Dano is a vintage 1965 Convertible). DJ Joe's favorites are mostly rock and blues from the '60s all the way up through today. Studio C, where all remixes were done, is DJ Joe's living room.

DJ Joe


Intern Junior

Intern Junior: DJ Joe's teenage son. Rare on-the-air appearances, mostly heard on station IDs. An expert on current music, Intern Junior provides DJ Joe with today's cutting edge tunes and the information behind them.


DJ Captain Morgan: First local musician to air over Jack And Jill Radio. Favorites include The Doors and Jeff Beck. Filled in shows as needed, once in a while mutinied the ship, but in a good way. DJ Captain Morgan is most famous for the "Can you say a song sucks on the radio?" clip heard often on Jack And Jill Radio. Owns and operates Studio B, directly across the street from Studio A.

DJ Captain Morgan


Magical Wendi

DJ Magical Wendi: DJ Captain Morgan’s better half, loves Aerosmith. Helped plan and coordinate events and shows. Magical Wendi was Jack And Jill Radio's first Chief Recording Engineer and filled in recording broadcasts when Radio Jack was out of town.


Sage of Time: DJ Magical Wendi’s son. Special shows, Disney. Great on-the-air voice and does many impressions. Played several musical instruments on the air, has jammed with DJ Joe and DJ Captain Morgan in Studio A.

Sage of Time


DJ Diabolique: Long time friend of DJ Jill, better half of DJ Motorcycle. Awesome staff member, gets naked at the drop of a hat. Quick wit, funny. Great on the air personality. Rides her own motorcycle for fun. Owns and operates Studio D along with DJ Captain Motorcycle. Often brings assorted whips, chains, and devices of torture to the studio - just for fun, of course. When she's in the house, DJ Diabolique is the most popular bartender.

DJ Diabolique


DJ Motorcycle

DJ Motorcycle: DJ Diabolique’s husband and worse half. Loves to ride his motorcycle (note picture). Lost his DJ status for a short time for missing a show without an excuse; regained status by getting spanked live on the air. Unfortunately, this was before the Web Cam. DJ Motorcycle is the resident Heavy Metal and Blues music expert. A very good sport in all respects. Was known as DJ CJ for a short time for "personal" reasons.


DJ Todd: The first DJ to have a DJ promotion ceremony which was held during the 24 Hour Show (note picture). DJ Todd has done several of his own shows, which are a mix of New Age and unique re-mixes. He donated a computer used for recording shows and had a turntable on extended loan to the station. DJ Todd and Radio Jack had a New Age Music Show in development.

DJ Todd


DJ Fire Dawg

DJ Fire Dawg, aka Mr. Drunken Neighbor: Formerly known as Mr. Drunken Neighbor of "Mr. and Mrs. Drunken Neighbor". Made full DJ status for his contribution of time and materials to help Radio Jack put up the tower for the station antenna. Thanks to DJ Fire Dawg's contributions, Jack And Jill Radio could be heard over the air on the FM band throughout West Broward County, South Florida.


Mrs. Drunken Neighbor: Still working on full DJ status. Never seemed to have enough drinks around us to get her top off. Of course, she won't tell us who took this lovely picture of her. (DJ Rambler Disclaimer: The Jack And Jill Radio Handbook strictly states that the Nudity Requirement to achieve full DJ status is only for females. DJ Rambler can grant DJ status to males as is called for by selfless actions to benefit the station’s cause.) Mrs. Drunken Neighbor, also known as Amy the Snow Cone Bitch (Halloween Block Party), is the better half of DJ Fire Dawg. Mrs. DN has made a few on the air appearances in special shows, notably the Country Music Review show.

Mrs. Drunken Neighbor



Dave Up The Street

Dave Up The Street: Lives just a few blocks up the street from Studio A, hence the name. Big time into the local folk music scene. Has house concerts on a regular basis. Jack And Jill Radio's first live remote broadcast was one of Dave's concerts. Has hooked us up with some great music and bands. Dave, Radio Jack, and DJ Joe have yet to resolve the Danelectro dispute. Dave owns and operates Remote Studio F.


DJ X-Wing: Radio Jack’s older son. Along with DJ Epyon, Co-Host of "The Two Little Fish in the Sea Show", a music education and teenage issues program.

DJ X-Wing


DJ Epyon

DJ Epyon: Friend of DJ X-Wing, Co-Host of "The Two Little Fish in the Sea Show", a music education and teenage issues program.


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