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Radio Jack Show (RJS): Host: Radio Jack; general variety. Usually weeknights, 2-3 times a week. Music, comedy clips, requests. Chat room is usually open, WebCam on.
The Nexis: This show airs as the second half of selected Radio Jack Shows. This is a New-Age, down-tempo groove/trance mix. Mysterious energy surrounds this show.
RJS - Music Review: Host: Radio Jack; local and other music reviewed. Local and other musicians submit CDs of their music for review. Staff is assembled in the studio, songs are played from the CDs and are reviewed live on the air. There is a formatted review sheet as a guideline, but staff are encouraged to expand on comments and feelings. This generally provides for some great bantering among staff members. Runs once or twice a month as material is available.
RJS - Acoustic Spotlight: Local bands and artists are invited to come to the studio and perform acoustically live on the air. Interviews are conducted about the groups and their music. Cuts are usually played from their recorded works as well. Show is usually remixed and tracked for groups to use as a demo CD and for general airplay over Jack And Jill Radio. 2 Acoustic Spotlights have aired so far. This is a big show with lots of staff needed, as we invite up to 3 groups at a time for this event. We go all out - food, drinks, etc. After the show jam sessions usually break out.
$2 Rack Show: This is a Jack And Jill Radio Classic! Staff are sent to the local CD stores, where they can spend no more than $2 per CD. Staff may not listen to the CD before they buy it. Once at home, staff members listen to the CD and prepare for the game. Each staff member must come to the show with two CDs. The game: have either the best CD or the worst CD. The game is played in two rounds; numbers are drawn for order of play. Each staff member retains the same number for each round. In round 1, each staff member submits their first choice; we play two tunes of the participant's choice. In round 2, each staff member either sticks with their first CD and we play one more tune, or 'hits' and places their second CD in. If the participant hits, their first CD is removed and they may not go back to it. Secret ballot vote at the end of the show decides the best and worst CD. CDs become station property and are voted on for Hall Of Shame status. The show ends with a total all out bashing of the worst CD and other Hall Of Shame CDs. New Shows air about once a month; we have done 4 shows so far.
Dead Fred Show: This is a DJ Jill Original Show: A music-based show where we only play music by people who are dead, or a member of the band is now dead. We provide information on how the person died and play the tunes they are performing on. Of course we take this and run with it as well. Staff members man computers on the internet and provide up to the minute data of all types. The name came from a local undertaker named Fred Hunter, thus the Dead Fred Show. 2 Editions have aired; another is currently in the works. This is a research-intensive show and requires a lot of prep. We all learn a lot, and some of the stuff is really funny. My awesome staff, led by DJ Jill, makes this show a real hit when it airs.
Mistress Diabolique's Domain: DJ Diabolique’s Show; 1 edition so far. On her first show, DJ Diabolique played only songs about sex. She did lots of prep and production for the show. Opening tune was 5 minutes long and was awesome. WebCam saw a bit of nudity that night. High sexual content. Plans for her upcoming shows include an on-the-air sex toy party and live on-the-air body piercing. DJ Diabolique is certainly one live wire.
Friday Night/Saturday Night/Any Night Live: Hosts: Radio Jack and assorted staff (usually DJ Joe) and guests. We play guitars live on the air; the show is full of Jack And Jill Radio Feature Bits: Comedy Clips, Top At 10 (a block of ZZ Top at 10 PM), Today In E-Mail, The 'G-Spot' (DJ Joe's on-the-air guitar lesson), What The Hell Is That, The Jack And Jill Radio Newsroom, and much more. There is usually a feature CD. Show starts with a customary shot of Jack Daniels for all participants. Content is usually Rock and Blues, once in a while some Country and Jazz. This show has now expanded to almost any night live when a co-host is available. Many of these shows have special musical guests who come and play live in the studio. Started out originally as The Radio Jack and DJ Joe Show.
DJ Joe Radio Show Extravaganza: Started out as the regular Friday night show, was eventually replaced by the FNL/SNL Shows. The Extravaganza currently airs when Radio Jack and DJ Jill are out of town. General music show with comment and information; geared towards those who are tired of current commercial FM but still want to hear great music. Content covers everything from '60s through current, focus is on Rock, Dance, Blues, and occasional Jazz.
Halloween Block Party: 2002 saw this as our first ever public event. We had five local bands come and perform on a stage in front of the Up The Hill Radio Network Building (Radio Jack's front yard). Had a snow cone machine for the kids, gave out over 200 snow cones and hundreds of coloring books with 'Just Say No To Drugs' and Fire Safety themes. Estimated attendance was over 350 people over the 4-hour show. This is now an annual event and is the station’s birthday party.
The Round Table: Our first attempt at talk radio. Hosted by Radio Jack, DJ Jill, DJ Diabolique, and DJ Motorcycle. A 2-3 hour show with good conversation, good music, good drinking. Need we say more? New editions air once a month or so.
Two Little Fish In The Sea: Our second talk show hosted by two teenagers: DJ X-Wing (Radio Jack's older son), and DJ Epyon, one of DJ X-Wing's good friends. Teenage topics with music education. Shows have included spotlights on ska and jazz music. In conjunction with the local community college, we offer college credits and CEUs for this program.
Beauty And The Beat: Hosted by DJ Megahertz. These shows are custom dance and trance mixes. Most mixes lean more towards current trends in the trance sound. DJ Megahertz is the Chief Engineer. DJ Megahertz supplied our first transmitter. He is a long time friend of Radio Jack’s. He has his own station known as TransFM. His mixes can be heard on Live365 as well.

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