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Send In Your CD
Jack And Jill Radio is now accepting CDs from original talent for airplay and critique. If you're in a band and would like your songs played over the air in FM Stereo and world wide over the Internet, send your CD to Jack And Jill Radio at the following address:
DJ Rambler
Jack And Jill Radio
P.O. Box 901345
Homestead, FL 33090
All CDs submitted to Jack And Jill Radio become the property of Jack And Jill Radio. Jack And Jill Radio reserves the right to comment freely about all submitted CDs and to critique as well as play all submitted CDs at will. All submitted CDs are subject to be aired on the Radio Jack Music Review show; band personnel may be asked to participate over the phone or in person on the air. All submitted CDs are subject to being recorded for rebroadcast over Jack And Jill Radio.
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